Pavilions and pergola

A pavilion and a pergola bring shelter to your garden or courtyard. Pavilions and pergolas grace gardens and courtyards and offer practical space solutions.

A pavilion can be the jewel in the crown of a garden or courtyard. People can gather in a pavilion all year around. A pavilion offers shelter from rain and sunshine. Lappset's range includes two types of pavilions. Boulevard is a practical solution and appeals to more grown-up tastes. The Boulevard Pavilion comes with seats, which add to the comfort. The Pinocchio Pavilion is often integrated into a garden, park or playground. For adults, Pinocchio may look like an ordinary shelter but it can be an important part of play for children.

Sheltered outdoor seating areas can be created with pergolas. An open pergola offers shelter without creating an enclosed space. Lappset's Park Pergola is a beautiful design and makes gardens and courtyards more welcoming. A natural ambience can be created by decorating the Pergola with plants.

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Pinocchio pavilion