Litter bins and ashtrays

Litter bins and ashtrays are necessary in the street. We all want to live in a tidy environment. We don’t necessarily notice litter bins and ashtrays until we need them.

Litter bins and ashtrays to keep the environment tidy

Lappset offers an extensive range of litter bins. The range includes more than ten models to suit various environments. The numerous available colours also add to the variety. Lappset's litter bins are neat, durable and easy to clean. Our range of ashtrays includes two models. One is a high ashtray to be installed on the ground, the other model is smaller and attached to a wall. Our ashtrays come in a variety of colours. Lappset's litter bins and ashtrays are visible yet they merge into the environment. Our litter bins and ashtrays are designed to endure all weather conditions for several years.

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Runar litter bin