Flower boxes

A flower box lets flowers bloom. Flowers are allowed to grow in peace, without any weeds.

Flower boxes make environments more attractive

Flower boxes enhance the beauty of flowers. Impressive flower arrangements embellish courtyards and parks. There are three models in Lappset's range of flower boxes. Our flower boxes are robust and they have a built-in moisture barrier. Our flower boxes are designed to endure all weather conditions for several years. Nordic Scots pine guarantees durable quality. A wooden flower box is attractive and make environments more pleasant. Our flower boxes come in a variety of colours so it is simple to change their appearance. It is easy to find a suitable flower box in our range of models and colours for all environments.

The metallic Nova is the latest addition to our range of flower boxes. The Nova flower box is a modern choice for courtyards. Nova comes in various colours. By changing its colour you can give Nova a new appearance to make it suitable for any environment.

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Vanda flower box