Dusting and drying stands

Dusting and drying stands are a necessity in communal courtyards. A dusting stand can be used for airing and beating rugs. A drying stand is for drying laundry outdoors so that clothes smell nice and fresh.

A dusting stand made of wood and metal

Lappset's range includes three types of dusting stands. Lappset's dusting frames are designed to endure all weather conditions for several years. They are made of steel and wood. They also come in a variety of colours. By changing the colour of the steel and wooden elements of the Park dusting frame it is easy to create a unit suitable for its surroundings.

A drying stand to fit your courtyard

A big drying stand is suitable for communal courtyards. Lappset makes three types of drying stands, all made of steel. Our drying stands come in various sizes and models so that there is a suitable drying stand for every environment. The length of two of the stand models can be adjusted according to the size of the site and the length of the lines. For example, the Park drying stand's length can be fitted according to the site. The Park drying stand comes in various colours.

The newer communal courtyards are smaller. It may be a challenge to find a space for a drying stand in a courtyard. Lappset's range offers solutions for small and cramped courtyards. A practical, free-standing drying stand is 2.5 metres wide and nearly 2 metres high.

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Park dusting stand