Benches, tables and chairs

Park benches are meeting points. Benches are often there when people need a rest. Benches are even more comfortable when combined with tables.

Benches, tables and chairs add comfort to parks and courtyards

Lappset's benches, tables and chairs are designed to endure all weather conditions for several years. Metal and pine guarantee durable quality. Benches, tables and chairs come in natural colours. This ensures that our products sit well in a range of outdoor environments and create a natural ambience. Our benches, tables and chairs are not only of high quality but also ergonomic.

Our range includes a variety of benches, tables and chairs. Comfort and looks are important when you choose your combination of units. Neo is an example of a park bench that works in various environments. Many of our bench models also come with backrests. You can create an impressive seating unit by combining big benches with smaller seats.

Our tables come either separately or in combination with benches. In the Boulevard series, for instance, benches and tables are separate. The Park Picnic is a table unit with attached benches.

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Neo bench