Park and street furniture - Take a break from the daily grind

Park and street furniture offer you an opportunity to take a break from the daily grind. Stop for a moment on your way to work, sit down on a bench and take in the spectrum of life that passes by. Call your oldest friend and suggest a picnic in a park at the table where you always used to exchange secrets.

Take a good look around and take in the harmonious effect that stylish, well-kept park and street furniture has. It is a lot more than you think. The furniture featured in our extensive park and street range seems at home in a number of different settings, in the city and the country alike.

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Paus bench

Grill Hilde - New product from Lappset!  

Say hello to Hilde. A large barbeque with attitude that fits in well with the urban envrironment. With a diamter of 125 centimeters, Hilde provides a new concept for all those who enjoy a barbeque get-together. Hilde is a really big barbeque, and both functional and easy on the eye. The large diamteer is large enough for everyoen to barbeque their food together and the heat resistant, powder-coated steel resists all kinds of weather for a long time. Get all neighbours together straight away!
Design: Arne Nilsson, achitect.

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Grill Hilde 
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