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Teens are into climbing

As a sport, climbing, is divided into many different sub-disciplines, each with their own rules. Bouldering is the most unrestricted of these climbing disciplines. There aren’t really any rules and you don’t need any special equipment. Bouldering interests girls just as much as boys.

In the footsteps of professionals

Lappset’s Wall Bouldering products are designed in consultation with professional climbers. This professional input is particularly evident in the physical challenges offered by the products, as all the climbing routes follow in the footsteps – and handholds – of the pros.

A genuine climbing experience in parks

Lappset’s Wall Bouldering products come in two basic types, either based around a cube or similar to a climbing wall. With both types of product, negatively inclined surfaces are designed such that the physical challenges they pose suit even the demanding practices required by professional climbers. The largest of the cube and wall designs have room for several climbers at any one time. Thanks to a wide range of routes, even the smaller versions offer a wealth of physical and intellectual challenges.

Lappset’s Wall Bouldering products are the only climbing products on the market whose holds, or grips, the projections used to climb on the products, are made of rock mass.

The construction of Lappset’s Wall Bouldering products takes into account the potential need to adapt the products over time. In all our products it is easy to replace the complete panel containing the routes. Modifying a product already in situ is an extremely cost-effective way of offering users new stimuli and new challenges.

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Easy Route

Green and Blue holds


Advanced Route

Yellow and Red holds

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