Cloxx swings

The swing is an integral part of a playground. Swings develop children’s muscles, sense of rhythm and balance. The Cloxx product range brings street credibility to play.

Swinging in the heart of the city

Cloxx swings are designed for an urban environment. Cloxx swings are robust and safe and suited for even the roughest swinging games. The Cloxx product range offers two different swing frames suited for children over the age of one. The Cloxx Iron is a two-seating swing frame. The Lappset swing seat range offers a variety of options that will change the look and feel of the Iron swing.

The Cloxx Chromium swing frame is designed for a bird’s nest swing. The fun and exciting bird’s nest swing appeals to big and small children alike. The bird’s nest spring fits several people at one time, which brings an added thrill to the play. The Cloxx Iron and Chromium swings are also suitable for the visually impaired and physically handicapped.

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Cloxx swing