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Traceurs challenge themselves

An area containing Lappset’s parkour products offers practitioners a place to practice, designed by experts in the sport, where fine-tuning moves is definitely safe and allowed. Because the area offers challenges even for those with advanced skills, it is also excellent at fostering the sense of community that is an essential part of the sport. When people with varying abilities get together, those who are more expert can serve as examples to the younger ones, and they do so in more than just parkour.

Working with professionals

Lappset’s parkour products are safe for beginners while also offering plenty of challenges for advanced users. Different levels of skill were taken into account as early as the planning stage, as professionals in the sport were on board throughout product development.

In designing routes particular attention must be paid to the distances between the equipment and the position of the various elements in relation to each other. Designing a parkour area is an excellent opportunity to kick-start a relationship with local traceurs. If this isn’t possible, however, there is always the option of choosing a suitable ready-made design for your site instead. In designing the site you can also call on the expertise of Lappset’s MyDesign team, whose designers work in close cooperation with parkour professionals.


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