Parkour solutions


Parkour movement: Tic Tac

Makes teenagers exercise

Parkour is a new form of urban exercise where the goal is to move as smoothly as possible. Different jumps, passes and climb-ups are combined with acrobatic elements such as rotary jumps and vaults.

Over 10 years old.

Learn some parkour moves

Cat Leap
 Tic Tac
Wall Run
 Step Vault
Monkey Vault

Ready-made units for parkour

Lappset’s parkour equipment has been developed in collaboration with true experts – active traceurs – who also helped to construct our sample layouts. What is important in parkour is to practice different series of movements so that they can be performed smoothly. This is why areas for parkour practice must be designed with the requirements of the sport in mind.

When designing your parkour area you can contact Lappset’s MyDesign! service.

Parkour sample layouts