Cloxx climbing frames

Cloxx climbing frames have been designed with an urban image. The metallic climbing frames were designed to endure the stresses and demanding conditions of an urban environment. The design adds street credibility and also appeals to older children.

Climbing frames for children who climb fast and enthusiastically

The simple structure of the Cloxx climbing frames gives children freedom and space to express themselves through play. The Cloxx series includes climbing frames in different sizes aimed at children of varying ages. The Spider climbing frame was designed with the family’s youngest in mind. For children over the age of two intended Spider climbing frame develops the climber’s coordination and motor skills. Children's muscle strength and spatial awareness will develop exceptionally well while they are playing.

The Apollo climbing frame is designed for children over the age of five. The exciting shapes of the climbing frame will transport children to the moon. The rotating movement provides new thrill to the play. The Apollo effectively develops muscles and spatial awareness.

Cloxx climbing frames also pose a challenge for more experienced climbers

The Cloxx product range’s most challenging climbing frames are intended for children over the age of six. The Oxygen and Pyramid Net climbing frames offer a new challenge to children with more experience in the playground environment. The climbing frames are efficient tools for developing muscles and spatial awareness. The Oxygen and Pyramid Net climbing frames are also suitable for the visually impaired and physically handicapped

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Cloxx climbing frame