Accessories - Safety in the playground

Safety in the playground, Finished look

Softex safety tiles - Comfortable safety

Softex safety tiles add to the safety of your playground. A safe playground is carefree for everyone. Even the adults feel more at ease knowing that the little ones are safe. Softex safety tiles add to the safety of your playground.


Softex safety tiles
Safety tiles conform to the requirements of the EN 1176-1 safety standard as long as you match the right tile to the product's fall height.

Give your playground a colourful look

Create a harmonious whole by sticking to a single colour or go crazy with the different tones and patterns. Using different colours can also help to make the playground accessible to visually impaired children. Build your own unique package!


Softex safety tiles
There are several good reasons why you should put safety tiles on the floor of your playground: they soften blows effectively and reduce the risk of slipping, they are quick and easy to install, and they are hardwearing.

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