Lappset PlayEvolution - Life in a sandpit and outside it

Playing in the sand


When we play, we create new worlds without inhibition and almost without noticing. The more boundaries we cross, the smaller and more insignificant they become. Lappset's Play Evolution is not about reinventing the notion of play, it is about finding new, fun perspectives for life and promoting our natural instinct for playfulness. Play is everywhere.

Make fun of serious things

The opposite of play is not work but depression. A child plays by nature but as we get older we start to think that we are past playing. However, play is the attitude that keeps us going and takes our minds in new directions at work and in other everyday situations. Play is equally relaxing for both children and adults, a source of adventure, creativity and development — the things that lead us to be happy and succeed. The world evolves through play.

For your health!

Health is a serious matter but play is an important factor in improving wellbeing. Play gives people of all ages a sense of success and inspiration along with exercise and the joy of spending time together. Physical play improves coordination, balance and body toning without the stress usually associated with exercising. The more we exercise and challenge ourselves to develop, the longer we stay healthy. It is never too late to start playing.

Not the end of play but the beginning

Lappset has never been content with just designing and manufacturing playground equipment. Our unprejudiced enthusiasm for new ideas and understanding play to the core has spearheaded Lappset's own evolution in the form of scientific partnership projects and dynamic, continuous product development.

The roots of our playful and curious corporate culture date back to the 1960s when Antero Ikäheimo, Lappset's founder, was bringing up his own children. As he became more and more familiar with the world of toys he felt that children should be offered something better — something that would make them want to climb, hang upside down, test their balance and explore new things. Antero was also a pioneer who even then could see that the wellbeing of the human race depended on creating meeting places where three generations of people could interact — places where people of all kinds and ages could and would find joy in play. In 1970, this idea led to the founding of Lappset.

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