Wood from certified forests

Wood from certified forests only

Lappset products are principally made from Finnish wood which is a renewable resource and which is treated with environmentally-friendly methods in order to last from father to son, mother to daughter and from grandparents to grandchildren. Wood is also a recyclable material. 

Wooden playground equipment is made from PEFC-certified (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Scheme) Finnish wood. Lappset has held a certificate for controlling the chain of custody of its wood material since 2006. We ensure that the wood supplied to us comes from legitimate sources and that it is grown in a sustainable manner. The PEFC COC Certificate (No 4704-05) granted by Inspecta is valid from 2014-04-23 until 2019-06-27. The validity of the Certificate can be verified on Inspecta’s website. www.inspecta.fi

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Why PEFC and not FSC®?

The PEFC and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) are both major international forest certification systems. Out of all certified forests in the world, 51% are certified by PEFC (27% in North America, 23% in Europe and 1% in the rest of the world) while FSC certified forests make up 22%. The third major certification system is SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) which includes 23% of all certified forests in the world.

The forest ownership structure in Finland differs from the structure in many other European countries. In Finland, there are many small- and large-scale forest owners. These include private individuals, families, organisations, associations, companies and regional or national authorities. Also, Church Parishes and the Finnish State are large-scale forest owners. PEFC’s certification system enables group certification of forests, unlike FSC. Due to its distinctive ownership structure, Finland has chosen to go along with the PEFC forest certification system.

One of the advantages of the PEFC system is its transparency: all forest certification and related results are publicised.

For more information on forest certification around the world, go to the UNECE website: 

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External suppliers

When choosing sub-suppliers and other suppliers, we discuss our environmental policies right from the outset. It is important that our company values are reflected in the value chain of our suppliers. We ensure that our suppliers meet our environmental requirements by visiting their sites. 

Wood has a small carbon footprint

Wood is an ecological and sensible material for playground equipment. Wood is a carbon neutral material which means that it consumes as much carbon dioxide when it grows as it releases when it is disposed of. Harvesting, cutting and transportation create some emissions, but the total amount of emissions caused by wooden playground equipment is very low compared to other raw materials.

Lappset’s basic product range, such as the Finno range, is made of wood which is a renewable source and, from the point of view of energy consumption, an ecological alternative.

Wood treatment is carried out in closed industrial process

Untreated wood will rot. To ensure a long lifespan for our playground equipment, we treat our wood material with an environmentally-friendly protective agent in a closed industrial process. This ensures the long lifespan of Lappset’s wooden playground and fitness park equipment and its durability in different weather and climate conditions.

Wood protection, gluing, and surface treatment processes are closed industrial processes which are not connected to the sewerage system. This prevents harmful substances from escaping into the environment. In addition, all substances used in these processes are disposed of according to relevant regulations. When it comes to protecting our wood material, we use a copper-based protective agent (Tanalith E) which does not release harmful substances. This protective treatment prolongs the product life from 5 to 15 years.

Total energy consumption, greenhouse emissions and emissions contributing to eutrophication and acidification created by a product which has undergone protective treatment make up only a third of those created by untreated wood.

All our surface treatment agents, such as paints, are water-soluble.

We can guarantee the structural safety of our product throughout its whole lifespan.