Taking responsibility for environment is a part of the quality

By the early 1990s Lappset had already launched its quality scheme. The first quality certificate which met the standards of the international ISO 9001 Quality Management System was granted by The Finnish Standards Association (SFS) on 8 April 1994. Lappset adheres to the quality management system which is certified by SFS and meets the demands of ISO 9001.

Quality sertificate SFS-EN ISO 9001:2008

SFS-EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certificate. Granted on 2014-10-10. Valid until 2017-06-27. The validity of the Certificate can be verified on Inspecta’s website.

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Environmental certificate ISO 14001:2004

In addition to product safety, environmental issues are an essential part of Lappset quality. Lappset received its first environmental certificate in 1998 as verification that the company takes environmental factors into consideration in all their solutions — from the design stage through to the production process and logistics. Lappset’s operations comply with environmental laws, regulations and agreements.

Lappset meets the demands of the SFS-EN ISO 14001:2004 Certificate (No 1685-05). A quality management system for environmental issues is evaluated regularly by an external organisation. The Environmental Certificate granted by Inspecta is valid from 2014-10-10 until 2017-06-27. The validity of the Certificate can be verified on Inspecta’s website.

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Recycling is a natural part of our daily operations

Recycling is now commonplace in companies and households.

  • We are continually trying to reduce the amount of mixed waste i.e. waste taken to landfill. 
  • We classify our production waste to be recycled (carbon, metal and plastic film which is currently on trial).
  • Hazardous waste is appropriately collected and transferred to a treatment plant.
  • We work together with the local energy production plant which takes in our untreated wood waste for burning. Waste created by the wood treatment process is recycled in the energy production plant where it is used for producing district heating for houses.

Example: By improving our operations, we have been able to significantly reduce wood wastage from 15% to about 5%. Our recyclable production waste is transferred to the Suosiola district heating plant in Rovaniemi where it is used to produce heating for the town’s residents.

Rinki Packaging Recycling Certification 2016

Energy use

Heating energy is recovered on our premises. We operate in new facilities which are modern and have state-of-the-art equipment. We are always looking for new ways to save energy in our production process by intensifying our use of machinery. We are continually cooperating with environmental experts such as VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland).

In calculating our carbon dioxide emissions from electric and district heating energy, we use the average annual level (g/kWh) in Finland in 2008. We estimate that our consumption levels will remain on the same level or drop slightly compared to 2008.

Our estimation for our carbon dioxide emissions for electric energy is 168 g/kWh, which will amount to 312 tons in total. CO2 emissions of district heating will be an estimated 224 g/kWh i.e. 626 tons.


We seek to optimise both deliveries which we are receiving from our suppliers and those which we are sending out to our clients. We use transport companies that have appropriate environmental policies and can produce reports on their operations. These are mostly major transport chains. The advantage of this arrangement is that, even if Lappset cannot arrange a full delivery load, the transport company is able to fill the load.

International deliveries

Our aim is to purchase products only when we have the need for full containers or trucks. Finnish long distance purchases and international deliveries are mostly arranged as weekly deliveries. Daily deliveries are carried out only by our local suppliers. Even though rail transport is currently not especially popular, we do take its potential growth into consideration when making plans for the future.

Company vehicles

Lappset Group Oy has decided to support the acquisition of low emission vehicles as our company cars.

Taking responsibility for environment is a part of the quality

Certified factory

TÜV Certified Factory