For Lappset design, environment and safety are important issues

We design products that make play fun and educational at the same time. Our play equipment combines carefully thought-out design and play-enticing colours with in-depth scientific research into the needs of playing children.

Our products inspire children to play. This sounds like an easily achievable task but the accomplishment is actually built on a long process involving numerous stages of design and careful contemplation of the desires of children of various ages. Play equipment has to adapt to the needs of children and leave room for imagination. It also has to stand the test of time and survive rough play as well. Even the more challenging kinds of fun must be safe.

Our approachable play equipment provides stimulation and amusement to three generations. We feel that it is important to encourage our customers to explore, imagine and be active. This is why the straightforward design of our products invites ideas for completely new kinds of play while also supporting the child’s social and motor development.

By making our products durable, we also respect our environment. We do not sell disposables; we produce timeless designs and long play lives. Our products are made from hardwearing materials and designed to fit in visually with their surroundings. Our innovative products can be combined to make exciting solutions for a variety of environments.

Quality makes play safe. Our products are always in conformance with the latest safety standards.

Play supports children's social and motor development

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