Awards received by Lappset

  • National award recognizing exemplary entrepreneurship in 1993.
  • National export award from the President of the Republic of Finland in 1995.
  • International Fennia Prize design award from Design Forum Finland and Fennia Group to Lappset’s Axiom product range in 2005.
  • Top nominee to Axiom in the Index: Award 2005 competition.
  • NOT 2007 Innovation Prize to the SmartUs concept (in connection with the Dutch National Exhibition on Education).
  • Reward of the Green Spaces in 2007.
  • Award of the Finnish Best Company 2007; Employer of the year.
  • Award of the Finnish Exercise Act of the year 2007.
  • SmartUs Environment nominated for World’s Biggest Design Award 2008.
  • The best exercise product of the year 2010 (Parkour concept)
  • Ornamo Ball for Best industrial design in 2011
  • Kultainen Nuija for consistent and successful Board (of Directors) work in 2012
  • 2014 Red Dot Award for the outdoor DJ table Fono
  • 2015 the German Design Award Special for Halo line

Play is rewarding

Lappset playgrounds around the world
Pictures of parks
Take a peek at what kind of outdoor environments we have created around the world.