Sona - Dare to dance!

People doing funny dance moves and running from here to there under a large orange arch? What is going on? This is Sona, the interactive play product designed to get people moving and having fun!

Sona is an interactive game system rigged for motion and sound. A motion-sensitive camera under the large orange arch captures the players’ movements on the specially designed game platform. Players may engage in various games by moving around. Music and sounds are used to give feedback, creating a unique gaming and play experience.

Sona combines the virtual fun of gaming with an entertaining, physical outdoor pastime. Children can play together to reach higher levels, hold dance competitions or just have fun making different sounds happen!

Sona can accommodate a surprising number of children despite its compact size, with up to 30 participants at any given time. The online remote function enables valuable data to be collected as to which games are the most popular and how much the Sona installation is being used.

SONA - Available in the USA

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