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Use your own bodyweight for building up strength and stamina.

Fitness enthusiasts and athletes have noticed that you can train quite intensively using your own bodyweight. Bodyweight training (also known as calisthenics) is a great fitness sport also in the sense that you can begin your exercise whenever there is proper sport equipment available. In Lappset Fitness areas, you can focus on specific muscle groups at the same time or effectively increase your heart rate on course like practise areas. Bodyweight training enhances your stamina, mobility and strength. At the same time, it improves your balance and improves your speed and agility. Well-designed outdoor Fitness areas with fitness products offer challenges to both beginners and more advanced users, because the equipment allows versatile variations of the exercise routines. When training with Lappset Fitness products, you can make the exercise perfectly suited for you by adjusting the number of repetitions and the tempo, whether you are an occasional user, active user or an athlete. 

Efficient and energetic design developed with professionals

The design of Lappset Fitness equipment reflects the energetic images associated with the sport. The whole Fitness concept has developed together with Mikko Salo, CrossFit World Champion 2009 and Anu Puonti, Finland`s first CrossFit Kids instructor. Lappset Fitness equipment combine wood and metal materials. There are four colour scheme palettes available for creating an area.


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