Kennedy Square playground

Leof. Thiseos 56, Ekali 145 78, Greece
The playground is located within a large park full of large trees, in the northern suburbs of Athens. Beyond play activities, it’s a meeting point for families to relax and have fun. Families from all over the Athens municipal area visit this park which is considered one of the best in Greece.

The centerpiece of attraction is a large theme play “Adventure Farm Forest”, which is designed in harmony with the natural environment, as well as a Polka which attracts many kids. An area for younger kids includes Mole’s wood, grasshopper, little house and several benches. Elastic tiles cover the entire area. A marble fountain supplies water to thirsty kids while there is a municipal Coffee shop nearby.

The project was financed by the Green Fund, Greek Ministry of Environment and executed by INTEC in 2012.
Kifissia Municipality, Athens, Greece