Husby Park in Sweden made a facelift by new park furniture and plants

Nonstop range of outdoor furniture consists of various benches, chairs and tables.

Husby, Sweden
The Husby Park in the centre of Husby, Sweden, was furnished with Lappset’s Nonstop park and street furniture range. The park is located close to a cliff area and natural forest, not far away from the city centre.
City of Husby / Lappset Sweden
Park area with Nonstop products
About the project
Chairs were placed in a Pippi Longstocking way, seemingly unorganized under a number of umbrellas. White stones and decorating trees make this park a stylish get-together environment for people of all ages. Lights provide a safe feeling in the evenings.

The timeless and minimalistic Nonstop range has been designed by famous Swedish design agency, O2 Landskaps och Linder_dia. The client preferred a deep light green colour for the outdoor furniture.