Nature as a source of inspiration for designing playground

This playground is filled with different play functions and attracts children by its colourful looks.

The Raduga park
Nature is often a source for inspiration when designers are thinking of a new play area. So also in this case, where the bright colours of a rainbow, Raduga in Russian, inspired the designer.
MosGorPark / New Horizons
The Raduga park
The Raduga park is located in the eastern part of the Russian Capital Moscow. The park comprises some 22 hectares with activities for people of all ages.

Concerning the play functions, this park has a great variety of playground equipment from swings to sandboxes, and from climbing frames to parkour tracks. Joyful moments and playful memories for children and youth.

This lovely and colourful playground was delivered by Lappset through our distributor in Russia, New Horizons, in the autumn of 2016. New Horizons were also responsible for the assembly to the client MosGorPark.