Spring animals can catch the children’s attention by their cheerful looks alone. They can tolerate almost any amount of rough riding and changing weather conditions.

The cheerful and sympathetic spring animals are playground classics. They are eagerly used wherever they are available. We have made both observational studies and tests and used this material to fi nd the optimal design for spring animals. On the basis of testing, one of the most popular ways of using the spring riders is to make them swing as fast as possible. For this reason, we have used the shape of the seat and the footrests to ensure the safety of the ride. So, even the daredevils will stay on board through rough riding!

We have selected the materials so as to keep the need for annual maintenance at a minimum level. The spring animals with panel frames are made of high-pressure laminate, which requires no maintenance and has a 20-year-warranty!

The smallest users have been taken into account in the dimensioning of the seat and the width of the footrests and base. Even toddlers under the age of two can climb on the set independently – and safely. Due to optimised spring action, even smaller children can easily make the dog nod or the horse gallop. At the same time, the seat and the spring have been dimensioned in such a manner that an adult can swing on the spring animal while holding a small child. The structures of our equipment have undergone a stress test of 100,000 movements without showing any signs of damage.

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