A playground full of sculptures

Halo is proof that a playground can please the eyes of both children and adults. Halo represent functional Scandinavian design at its best – and, at the same time, it is an expression of high-quality, durable Finnish wood construction know-how. The main material of the smoothly connected modules is pine. The other materials also have durability written all over them: wear surfaces are made of steel, laminate and special plastics.

Halo playgrounds are ideally suited to sophisticated urban environments. In the minimalist design, special attention has been paid to allowing the light to surround the structures both at day and night. The transparent cellular roof panels let in the sunshine during the day, while the optional solar panel roofs store energy to power LED lighting at night. Even though Halo is a modern play set, it still provides familiar and safe opportunities for play. The modern design has been equally applied to slides, various play functions, sandboxes and swings.The Halo range has been awarded with the German Design Award 2016.

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