Playing in the forest – even in the middle of the city!

In a city environment, you sometimes really miss the real nature. Flora is an answer to this feeling and longing. The designs inspired by nature used for Flora playgrounds blend harmoniously with the surrounding nature and its forms. The organic nature of the design is visible in the soft and undulating lines of Flora play sets, in the same way as in natural forms everywhere. The main material used for Flora supports this organic design approach. The tight-grain northern pine lends the playground an atmosphere similar to one you would find in a forest or a park. At the same time, Flora is an environmentally friendly choice.

Flora blurs the boundary between the playground and its environment, making children feel that they are in the middle of a forest and have become a part of nature. Installing the products, changing the spare parts and maintenance have been made as easy as possible.


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Useful information about the delivery, assembly and maintenance of Lappset’s products.

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Useful information of the delivery, installation and maintenance of Lappset products.

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