Finno Theme Play

Theme play offers life experiences

Adults are sometimes surprised that the same pirate ship can entice children to enthusiastically play day after day. Assuming themes and imagining roles benefit children in a way that is not directly visible to adults. Themes provide children with mental activity essential for the development of their identity.

As different themes invite children to play different roles, they have the opportunity to practice experiencing and expressing feelings. Role and theme play, by involving several participants, also trains their communication and social skills. In other words, the benefits of theme play can carry on beyond into working life. 


Improved materials and looks!

  • New and fresh colour scheme 
  • New and challenging play functions
  • New walls with different activities such as games
  • Prolonged lifespan with the increased use of high pressure laminate, HPL with a warranty for 20 years
  • Harmonized module size with other products

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