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In public parks, it is important to take into account the versatile features and needs of the adults and children using the park – including those with functional and physical limitations. It is important that everyone is given equal opportunity to participate in play and sports. Inclusive Design playgrounds are designed to make them such that it is easy for everyone to move and play in them, which encourages all children to play together. The aim has been to implement the Inclusive Design properties in such a manner that the play equipment is suited to as many children as possible, regardless of potential functional or physical impairments. The design takes into account that the sets feature physical challenges, functions stimulating different senses, and opportunities for everyone to develop social skills and learn something new.

In addition to the selection of playground equipment, inclusion and accessibility have to be taken into account also in the overall design of the playground. In Inclusive Design playgrounds, inclusion and accessibility are guaranteed, for example, by means of easy-to-distinguish access routes, contrasts of colour and tone, additional lighting or sound beacons, for example. 

Please contact us, we will help you to plan a playground that meets your particular needs!

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