Finno ABC

ABC – Play provides a basis for learning

From the start to fi nish, Finno ABC has been designed to support children’s natural enthusiasm to move and play. In addition to being user-friendly, the ABC product range ensembles designed for under 4-year-olds and their parents constitute visually attractive splashes of joy in a park or a yard. Toddlers have a natural desire to learn new ways of moving around. Their enthusiasm, physical skills and height require frames designed specifi cally for them to feed their natural desire to develop motor skills. From the very start, Finno ABC playground equipment has been designed to support motor development.
This has been taken into account in the colours, shapes, materials and dimensions of the frames.

Safe play together with an adult

When using ABC equipment, children can learn by practicing the basic functions: it allows them to swing, slide, climb, or even indulge in imaginary role play. The products in the Finno ABC range have been designed to be simple enough to make them easy to use for toddlers. They can play in these sets with ease, and play is the most natural way for children to learn new things. Naturally, toddlers also need their parents’ support in the learning process. This has been taken into account in the dimensioning of the ABC products, so that there is room for parents to assist their children. Now these product solutions also fi t better together with our other product families, allowing the construction of even large playground ensembles for children of different ages.

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