Lappset's classic product range Finno was given a revamp and is now inviting children to enjoy and play with the new and improved colour schemes and play functions.

The idea for new colour schemes came from both the designers and users. The fresh worlds of colour are harmonious, inviting children to play. In design, on the other hand, we opted for Scandinavian approach with clear lines. Now the structures are more open and have more air around them, with such concrete examples as see-through climbing walls and narrower beams.

So, there are now five new and bright colour schemes: Lime Green, Apple Red, Tuttifrutti, Liquorice Grey and Candy
Fuchsia. In addition to its colours, the design of the Finno range is implemented along the same lines as that of the Fitness and Senior Sport equipment ranges. The Finno playgrounds can be seamlessly combined with other product ranges, such as sports area equipment. One of our basic philosophies is to provide children and their parents with chance to move and exercise together.

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