Lappset Brand Resources

Lappset Brand Editor

It is meant to help you when promoting Lappset. It helps you to create and maintain a consistent and coherent brand image of Lappset. Our Brand Editor is a tool that makes your everyday life easier whenever you need to communicate about Lappset's products, services and activities.

Lappset's Brand Editor contains templates and ready-made files of:

  • product brochures
  • advertisements
  • roll-ups
  • flags
  • other materials necessary in exhibitions, trade fairs, seminars and other events
  • stationary templates (letterheads, business cards, envelopes, invoice templates etc.)

Lappset Brand editor


Files to Download
Lappset_72ppi.png (5.3 kB)
Lappset_cmyk.eps (345.1 kB)
Lappset_300ppi.png (22.4 kB)
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