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Jump, jump, jump! You're never too old to play and our parks don't have maximum age limits! 👵🏻👴🏼🍁 #behindthescenes #nevertooold #playislife #lappset
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This combo is a hit! 🔝 The contact swing together with motorical track really attract students to play, providing the beneficial exercise at the same time. A nice tip for any school yard! Even secondary school students find this combo appealing. #liikkuvakoulu #schoolsonthemove #finnisheducation #lappset #playgrounddesign
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A lot of running, playing and hand standing during resession in a school in Rovaniemi, Finland! 👦👧🏫 #liikkuvakoulu #schoolsonthemove #finnisheducation #lappset
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What will play areas of the future look like? Read the blog from our website, link in bio 💜
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Wall-Holla is an exciting play centre with several floors! The colourful network structure of Wall-Holla gives flight to the imagination and inspires children of all ages 😊 #lappset #wallholla #lappsetplay
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