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Our Flora range of products blend beatifully in surrounding nature like in this photo from Jyväskylä, Finland. See more from our video, link in bio ☝️#lappset #flora #lappsetplay #nature #natureplay
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In public parks, it is important to take into account the versatile features and needs of the adults and children using the park- including those with functional and physical limitations. It is important that everyone is given equal opportunity to participate in play and sports. The Inclusive Design takes into account that the sets feature physical challenges, functions stimulating different senses, and opportunities for everyone to develop social skills and learn something new. #lappset #inclusivedesign #allabilities#inclusiveplay #enemmänkuinesteetön
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This video will bring a smile to your face, we promise! Our Flora play sets are inspired by nature, with soft lines and environmentally friendly materials. Don't you ...
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Who is your best childhood friend? Today we celebrate Friend day. We hope you all get a wonderful day and wish to fill Instagram with love. Tag your best friend in a comment below and tell them why you love them, share your best memory you have with them or just sent some❤️❤️❤️ #lappset #friends #friendship #ystävänpäivä
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